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First off, welcome to my new blog. Check back from time to time for info and my thoughts on training, racing and everything triathlon.

Triathlon bike wreck leads to Uncertain Outcomes

As some of you know, I suffered from a bad bike wreck back on April 8th. I slid out on some sand and did a pretty good number on myself. I don’t remember anything for about 16 hours from bedtime the night before until about 6 hours post wreck. The end result was two hip fractures, three broken ribs, a broken clavicle, severe concussion, a tear in my right hip labrum and a tear in my right rotator cuff.

As a result, I spent 4 days in the trauma unit and 6 weeks in a wheelchair. Plus I recently had surgery on the right clavicle as the bone was too far displaced and couldn’t heal itself. Shortly it will be a return to PT to get the right shoulder and arm back up to par and return my range of motion. It’s been a long road and many days have fallen off of the calendar waiting to get back to training at the level I’m used to.

Always cherish what you have as I can truly say, it could be gone in a blink.

As much as the recovery has been painfully slow, some strange but positive things have accrued during the process!

Triathlon Coaching Team is Growing Strong

First, my coaching business, TriCoachFlorida, has started to take off. For which I am truly grateful. It’s a slow process building a brand and it makes some success that much sweeter. I strive every day to offer my athletes a level of service not found with other coaches while keeping my pricing realistic. We’ve had some great results this season at TCF. PR’s at Ironman Lake Placid, IMChoo, Ironman 70.3 Miami and a great first time finish at IMLOU.

The Team continues to grow and the results just keep coming. True evidence that our sauce works!!

Honoree Interview in Triathlon Magazine leads to New Website

Second, out of nowhere, my phone rang. It was Lava Magazine. They wanted to do an article on me for their July travel issue. Since I’m a flight attendant, triathlete and travel the world, fitting in training and nutrition with a crazy schedule, they thought I would be a good fit.
At first I thought it was a friend playing a joke. Why would they want to talk with me? How did they find me? All these questions.
In the end. It was a nice Q&A interview and I have been blessed with a lot of positive feedback, exposure and a few new Athletes in return. (You can read the full article linked below)

Because of that, I was able to upgrade my website (That now looks awesome!!) (thank you DoggHouse Productions) and started writing this blog!

The blessings just keep on coming!

Fort Lauderdale Triathletes Presents Opportunity with Ironman’s Women for Tri Program

Also, I’m proud and very excited to have started working with the Fort Lauderdale Triathletes  ( #FLTri ). This is a great group of triathletes of all ages and abilities. If you’re in the South Florida area, give them a look. Back in August they received a grant from Ironman and started a “Women for Tri Program” that is helping 20 women take the leap into the world of triathlon. “Finding empowerment thru achievement in sports”.

I was honored to write their 12 week beginner training plan, helping these Ladies get ready for their first race later this November at the Multirace Turkey Triathlon! It’s been amazing seeing these women progress and not only become more confidant in their abilities, but also in themselves.

This past weekend we were honored to have World Champion triathlete, Leanda Cave, put the ladies thru their paces with a nice track workout on Miami Beach.

How cool is that? How many first timers can say they had a World Champion help them with training?

My new CEEPO Triathlon Racing Bicycle

Another cool thing, after the accident, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to start looking at new bike options. Although I loved my “Bella”, so much has changed with bike technology since 2009. After a few months of looking around, I had a great offer and opportunity from Marc-andre and Steve Harad with CEEPO and Drive Train Sports.

As a result, I’m very happy to return to racing in 2017 aboard a Ceepo Viper! I have long had my eye on the Ceepo brand and I’m thankful to Marc-andre and Steve for this opportunity!
At this point, I’m now 3 weeks into recovery from my surgery, hoping to start PT soon. I have signed up for St. Anthony’s Triathlon in April as a target and to help me with motivation. But the true motivators are my athletes, who everyday make me so proud and I am honored to have them in my life – it is truly rewarding getting to witness them achieving their dreams!!

So, when life throws you a curve ball, be careful, it might just be an opportunity. You might see it as a setback, but God placed it there as a setup for greater things to come… with it!